Baby Must Wear Pink Klackin Fan™ Bamboo Folding Clack Hand Fan-Got Pride!

Baby Must Wear Pink Klackin Fan™ Bamboo Folding Clack Hand Fan

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Clack this hand fan on Wednesday (or any day for that matter) to show your love for both the TV series and movie this fan parodies.

Another Got Pride!® High Quality Chinese Bamboo Folding Clack Hand Fan, Clacking Fan, LGBT Fan, Drag Queen Fan, Rave Fan, Festival Fan.

Fresh designs from Tampa, Florida. Clacking with Pride Worldwide.

You can only get this exclusive Got Pride!® Klackin Fan™ design star-field background with illustration of space character and space movie like white lettering here and authorized retailers.

  • Vibrant clacking hand fan Got Pride! designs are printed on a firm polyester fabric (not cheap flimsy silk-like material).
  • Rib is thick natural bamboo, (not cheap thin sliced bamboo or plastic), that is painted, lacquered and riveted together.
  • Flicking of the wrist opens the fan fast and makes a loud clack sound.
  • Measures 13-inches long when closed, 24-inches wide when open.
  • Proudly designed by Got Pride!® Ships fast from Tampa, Florida USA. Printed and hand assembled in China.