No Mames Guey Klackin Fan™-Got Pride!

No Mames Guey Klackin Fan™

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Spanish launguage/Mexican slang, “no mames güey” (pronounced more or less like “no mahmez guay”)

English translation means something to the effect of “you're pulling my leg”, or “no sh__!”. It can also mean “don't f with me”, “holy crap!”, or something like that. 

Red background with black ribs and white lettering. You can only get this Got Pride!® Klackin Fan™ exclusive design here and authorized retailers.

  • Design is custom printed and vibrant on a durable water resistant nylon fabric. (A splash here and there is okay but getting soaking wet is not good idea. A Pepper Mashay Dive in the Pool is not recommended.)
  • Rib is made of natural high quality bamboo wood that is painted and lacquered and firmly held together with a rivet.
  • With a snap of the wrist it makes a loud thwarp and Klackin' sound.
  • Measures 13-Inches long when closed, 24-Inches wide when open. Weight 4.4 oz.
  • Proudly designed and shipped from Tampa, Florida USA. Printed and hand assembled in China.