Tip The Drag Queen Klackin Fan™-Got Pride!
Tip The Drag Queen Klackin Fan™-Got Pride!

Tip The Drag Queen Klackin Fan™

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These gurls do not beat their mugs for nothing!

Klack this fan and wear the matching mask to remind everyone to make it rain for these queens.

Fresh from Tampa, Florida. Klackin with Pride Worldwide. Another Got Pride!® Bamboo Folding Hand Fan, Gay Fan, Drag Queen Fan, LGBTQ Rave Fan

You can only get this photo background on white rib with white lettering exclusive design Got Pride!® Klackin Fan™ here and authorized retailers.

  • Design is custom printed and vibrant on a durable water resistant nylon fabric. (A splash here and there is okay but getting soaking wet is not good idea. A Pepper Mashay Dive in the Pool is not recommended.)
  • Rib is made of natural high quality bamboo wood that is painted and lacquered and firmly held together with a rivet.
  • With a snap of the wrist it makes a loud thwarp and Klackin' sound.
  • Measures 13-Inches long when closed, 24-Inches wide when open. Weight 4.4 oz.
  • Proudly designed by Got Pride! LLC and shipped from Tampa, Florida USA. Printed and hand assembled in China.

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